Support & FAQ

How much does it cost?

Kurbside is absolutely free for photographers and those seeking photos. No commission, no hidden fees. Down the road, Kurbside will be offering optional premium services for photographers. Stay tuned!


How do I get started?

You’ve come to the right place! Start by creating a Kurbside Photographer account from the signup link you’ve received in your invite email. Once your account is created, get started by completing your Kurbside profile: add photos, social accounts, and be sure to include contact information. Now you’re ready to start making Photoshoot offers!

How do I add or remove photos to my portfolio?

Add photos by clicking the “Edit Portfolio” button in the top right corner of your profile. You can either drag and drop or add photos manually from your computer. Make sure all photos are at least 1600px wide. Photos sized for web (or less than 1MB are recommended for the fastest upload time). If you’d like to remove photos, click the “Edit Portfolio” button. Hover over a photo until the little trash can icon appears in the corner. Click the trash can and choose “Yes”.

Can I rearrange photos in my portfolio?

Definitely! Click the “Edit Portfolio” button. Hover over a photo until your mouse changes into the four directional arrow. Drag photos to reorder.

What is an Offer Card Cover?

An Offer Card Cover is what other users will see when you make an offer. This is also referred to as your “Offer Card”. You can see what your “Offer Card” will look like when you click the “Offer Card Cover” link when you are in the “Edit Portfolio” mode. At this time, photos cannot be repositioned on the Offer Card.

How do I start making money?

Start by filling out your Kurbside Photographer profile. Users want to see you, your awesome portfolio, learn about your experience, and get in contact! Users have the ability to search for photographers near their location, but the best way to start making money is to be active on Kurbside by making “Photoshoot Offers”. A “Photoshoot Offer” is an offer you place on a listed property. If your offer is accepted, the user will contact you and initiate the photoshoot. And, Boom! Money in your pocket.

How do I make a Photoshoot Offer?

Using the main navigation, navigate to the “Properties” section (designated by the little house icon). In the “Properties” section, users will list addresses that need to be photographed. Properties are listed in order of proximity to your location (you can search another location by using the search field on the far right). When you find a property that interests you, click the “Make an Offer” button on the Property’s overview page. Insert a price offer for photographing this property. What will you charge? This is totally up to you. Make sure to read all the details about the property and any notes from the user. Once you’ve submitted your offer, the user will immediately be notified. If your offer is accepted, they will contact you and initiate the photoshoot!

How do I remove a Photoshoot Offer?

Go to your “My Photoshoots” page (designated by the little camera icon in the main navigation). Hover over the offer you’d like to remove. Click the “x” on the far right side of the card. Your offer has been removed!

Can I make more than one Photoshoot Offer?

Yes and no. You can definitely make multiple offers on different properties! This is Kurbside is all about so feel free to make as many offers as you’d like. However, you cannot make more than one offer on a single property.


How do I get started?

Start by creating a Kurbside account from the signup link you’ve received in your invite email. Once your account is created, you will be taken to your “My Properties” section of the site (this is also designated by the house icon in the main navigation). This is where you will add and manage your properties listed on Kurbside. This is also where you will see incoming “Photographer Offers” (more about this below). Get started by adding your first property!

I need photos. How do I list my space or property on Kurbside?

Navigate to your “My Properties” page (designated by the little house icon in the main navigation). You will see a large dashed box with a call out to “Add a Property”. Click this box to get started. Begin by adding the address of the space/property you’d like photographed. The address should correspond to the map above. Make sure the address is correct so photographers know how close they are to the property. Add any beds, baths, and square feet details that you think will help the photographer determine a reasonable price for your photoshoot. Decide how many photos you would like (it’s okay to leave this blank if you are unsure). Add any notes for photographers (i.e. I would only like exterior shots - or - I would love to find someone who can create a virtual tour). Click “Add Property” to list your property on Kurbside!

How do I remove a property on Kurbside?

Go to your “My Properties” page. Hover over the property you’d like to remove. Click “Delete”. You can also remove a property from the property’s overview page.

I received a Photographer offer, now what?

Congrats! You’re on your way to a photoshoot. Now it’s up to you to decide which photographer to choose. To learn more about the Photographers who have made offers on your property, start by clicking on the property to see its offers. You will see all Photographer Offer Cards listed above your property details. The Photographer Offer Cards will include: a headshot, the photographer name, their location, a sample portfolio photo, and their offered price for the photoshoot. Click on a Photographer’s Offer Card to see their entire portfolio.

How do I remove a Photographer Offer?

If you receive an offer that doesn’t interest you, you can remove the offer. Hover over the “x” in the top right corner of the Photographer Offer Card you’d like to remove. Click the “x” to remove the offer.

How do I book a Photographer?

There are two different ways to book photographers from Kurbside.

1) You can search for photographers yourself. Navigate to the “Find Photoshoots” page (designated by the little camera icon in the main navigation). You will automatically see all photographers that are in or near your location. You can contact a photographer directly from their profile.

2) Wait for photographer offers and choose your favorite. When you list a property, you will receive Photographer Offers. Based on the Photographer’s price, portfolio, and experience, choose the best photographer for your photoshoot. Contact the photographer from their profile page.