Sterling E. Stevens

Raleigh NC

Design photography by a design professional.

My Experience

Sterling E. Stevens is an assignment photographer, formally educated to be an architect with over 15 years of design experience. Working primarily throughout the southern United States since 2009, he has collaborated with local and national clients to pro

My Work Process

Similar to all other professions in the building industry, I've learned to cater my services and style of photography to individually mesh with a variety of clientele with equally diverse budgets. Some clients are very hands-on, directly assisting, reviewing, approving the shoot while others depend exclusively on my expertise. Each assignment requires a recipe of equipment and resources including but not limited to photographic lighting, technical assistants, digital techniques, and my architectural knowledge. As both a designer and photographer, I'm keenly aware that your intimate understanding of the project, from broad design gestures to intricate details, will help direct the shoot in a way my initial evaluation cannot compare; likewise a fresh pair of photographic eyes may reveal surprising moments that may delight the designer. By the start of a shoot I've made myself familiar with the location's architectural language, reality of the project site, and potential transformation over seasons, time, and human use. This preliminary work is completed by talking with the designer, evaluating plans and renderings, and an early visit the site if feasible.

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Sterling E. Stevens

Raleigh, NC


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