Location photography with style.

My Experience

Residential and commercial real estate photography has not always been the core of our business. We started Straight Shooter as a product photography business. Most of our work was shot inside the studio for catalogs. As we shot more and more catalogs, our clients wanted to see the products in use. "This required photographing in nice settings because I am not that interested (or capable) of building elaborate sets for this kind of thing." Dan recalls. We have always had the client's budget in mind. Shooting on location was a way to save the client money. It has made us very resourceful, making the best of what we have to work with. When Dan returned from NYC, he had a great opportunity to start shooting for HouseTrends Magazine. Sarah Dills,The Editor, gave Dan free reign over assignments she gave him. Dan would read the story Sarah would write, schedule a time to get into the home, and "go to town", often using selective focus to feature finer details of the homes. For HouseTrends, Dan has shot over 50 feature stories, attaining additional financial compensation for earning over 20 cover photos. Dan still shoots a lot of catalog work, for retail and industrial clients, however, it is the Residential and Commercial Real Estate work that Dan is most passionate about! Dan always uses unique supplemental lighting equipment, Photoshop Plug Ins, wide and special effects lenses to achieve the desired shots. Feel free to contact Dan any time for a free consultation, or walk through your special project! Dan's direct cell phone number - 646-621-6434

My Work Process

I am happy to work closely with my clients on site or on my own, I have done a lot of both. I base my fees on time I spend at site. I love to travel so I often have no additional fees for travel, usually within a day drive from Cleveland, OH

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Dan Morgan

Cleveland, OH


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